Cycling around Koh Sukorn

The road system allows you to travel around the island to all areas.

The resort can arrange the rental of bicycles.

Motorcycles are available for rent also.

Watermelon Farms

The watermelons from Koh Sukorn are very famous in Trang, because of their sweet taste.

You can find them in 2 villages, Ban Tung and Ban Laem Village.


Boat trip snorkelling

You can go snorkeling to the nearby islands of Koh Laoliang and Koh Takiang. 

The resort can arrange boat charter and all equipments.

Fishing Tour

Fishing trips are another activity you can do while you are on Koh Sukorn.

You can bring your fresh fish back to the resort and we will prepare any style you like.

The resort will arrange the boat charter with all equipment and bait.

! Good luck !


Free kayaks

The resort has 2 kayaks for the free use of guests.